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Ocean Dental Associates X-ray technology
In our office, we use digital radiography, a high-tech replacement for traditional Dental


called Dexis.

While radiation is inevitable from x-rays, digital x-rays do have far lower levels than those emitted through traditional Dental X-rays. With Dexis, we eliminate the wait time for film to be developed because the images are displayed on the computer within 3 seconds.

They are also environmentally friendly, as it alleviates the need for chemicals and film paper to be disposed.
Tooth Whitening Ocean Dental Associates

Tooth Whitening,

our office proudly uses the Opalescense Whitening for Life system.

We make custom whitening trays from models of your teeth and instruct our patients how to use the tray at home with the bleaching gel. Results can be seen in as little as a week!
Tooth colored fillings
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Tooth Colored Fillings

or “bonding” is an esthetically pleasing solution for replacing old silver fillings or repairing teeth that are damaged from decay.
Ocean Dental Associates porcelain venners
Porcelain Veneers can be used to change the color and shape of front teeth.

A thin porcelain facing is cemented over the front surface of a prepared tooth.
Ocean Dental Associates crowns and bridges

Crowns and Bridges

are used to replace or protect one to several teeth at a time.

They can be porcelain fused to metal or all ceramic (white). 

Crowns and bridges are permanently cemented on top of prepared teeth.
Ocean Dental Associates implants
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- An implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal and fuse to the bone.

After several months they are restored with a post and crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth.

They are a wonderful and permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.
Ocean Dental Associates root canal therapy
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Root Canal Therapy

is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected.

This can be due to trauma or decay reaching the nerve area.

The infected nerve is removed and replaced with a biocompatible material.
Ocean Dental Associates periodontal gum therapy

Periodontal “Gum” Therapy

is necessary when the gums and bone become infected. This condition is often painless and frequently goes unnoticed. It is treated by having a “deep cleaning” performed, where as much tartar as possible is painlessly removed below the gumline.

It is extremely important that it be addressed because of the clinical research that shows the link between periodontal disease and heart disease, diabetes, and Pre-term/Low birth weight babies.
Ocean Dental Associates partials and dentures

Partials and Dentures

- Partial and full dentures are removable acrylic teeth.

They are used to replace all or several teeth.
Please download the Adult Health History pdf, fill in and bring it with you to the office.
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